Friday, February 22, 2013

Beach Bag Binge!

I live in beautiful Southeast Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas beaches are a huge part of my life.  We spend a lot of time in a small beach town and fishing community called Sargent, Texas.

We have a family place on the Intercoastal Waterway.  Huge barges traffic all sorts of goods up and down this water super highway all day and night, and it is a great place for fishing.  We load up our 4 wheel drive trucks and cross this historic swing bridge to get to the beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

Fishing takes lots of "stuff."  Beach towels, sunscreen, wine opener, plastic wine glasses, sunglasses, tackle boxes, beer, snacks, cell phones and other essentials.  I wanted to create a bewach bag that would grow and expand to carry at least a few beach towels.  I made this series of bags out of Hobby Lobby's acrylic "I Love This Yarn" so that they would not fade in the blazing Texas sun and I wanted to be able to wash them - a LOT!

I'm working on the tutorial and taking pictures now and will post that later tonight.


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